Thursday, March 5, 2009

HOFFpower misses chance

Reason 7 Why We'll Never Win
Micah Hoffpauir will be from now on known as HOFFpower! Here's why...

1. He's old, just like the real Hoff - David Hasselhoff - but is still a "rookie."

2. He is batting almost .500 in spring training so far and has waaay more power than DLEE.
3. I can't spell his real last name and its phonetic spelling is HOFFpower.

4. He has awful hair so any of Hoff's do's would be an upgrade (see pic)

Anyway - HOFFpower had a chance to tie the game against the Sox today in the late innings but flew out on the second pitch. The man is having an amazing spring so far and still went 1-2 but clutch hits are what managers remember when rosters are written.

Fontenot is KILLING the ball. Doubles, Triples, HRs - you name it. This kid is lights out. Paging Aaron Miles - your bench spot is here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Milton Bradley Sets Cub Record!

Reason 6 Why We'll Never Win ...
Unfortunately the new Cub record was for Consecutive At-Bats by Milton Bradley Without An Injury. The previous record of one at-bat is now three at-bats.

Chad Gaudin didn't help his cause today though he has plenty more chances. He gave up three doubles and a homerun in his three-inning performance. Still a shot for Waddell yet!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pitchers are looking too good too early

Reason 5 Why We'll Never Win
One week into Spring Training and we've already got the rotation set - save the 5th spot - and it looks really, really good. After his performance today, facing only 9 batters in 3 innings of work, LHP Sean Marshall made great strides and seriously made up for his last lackluster outing. Being as how he's a lefty AND younger AND been around, this has to put him ahead of newly acquired RHP Aaron Hielman for the rotation spot.

So what does that leave in the bullpen?
On paper - it looks like it still leaves a lot.
I want to see more of Hielman but so far he's looked great with only 1 hit and 4 Ks.

RHP Jff Smrdjzgd has looked the worst of the three potential 5th starters (3 BB and only 1 K!!) but he gets his second outing tomorrow. Potential closers RHP Carlos Marmol and RHP Kevin Gregg have only pitched 2 innings each but are looking good. Marmol has fewer hits and more Ks but gave up a run.

Who's been looking good and still up for the remaining 3 slots?
LHP Neal Cotts is one of the only lefties and has been cruising.
RHP Kevin Hart will have to pitch his way off the squad and so far he has stayed put.
RHP Chad Gaudin has struggled a little early but will have to lose his spot and hasn't yet. RHP Chad Fox has been solid but he's old as dirt and he's a righty. RHP Jeff Stevens has also been solid coming over in the DeRosa trade. He's my dark horse pick.
LHP Jason Waddell is the only other lefty so there's an outside chance if he can keep his walks down.
RHP Marcos Mateo has 2Ks and 0 hits in 2 innings but won't be making the leap.
RHP David Patton is throwing strikes but also isn't in the running.

Fukudome will be in CF against righties according to Sweet Lou.
Soriano, Ramirez and Jake Fox all homered. Fox's defense is hurting him though.