Friday, March 27, 2009

Fukudome's Real Uniform

Reason 10 Why We'll Never Win
Apparently Fukudome HAS been on his game this whole time. All those majestic pirouettes at the plate. Technically flawless spins, effortlessly executed at the very front of the batters box while hard objects whiz by at 80 mph. That would be like asking Mikhail Baryshnikov to execute a perfect routine on sand while an angry crowd throws vodka bottles at him.

And yet pitch after pitch Kosuke stood in there and spun and spun until we were all dizzy, no doubt aided by what he wore underneath the pinstripes and road greys and what was cut up and glued into 100 Ultimate Collection Rookie Jersey Cards.

A pink tutu. Outstanding. No wonder Lou played him in Game 1 and 2 against the Dodgers. Who would wait till December when you could see The Nutcraker in October?