Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reason 1 Why We'll Never Win:

Cub fans care more about the announcer than the team

Can you blame us? After 1o1 years of getting excited about trades and signings that didn't make a bit of difference, we have developed a curious attention to who talks us off the ledge.

Currently, the giddy excitement of Ron Santo's triumphant shouts and dejected sighs in place of Bob Brenly has The Cub Fan more excited to hear This Old Cub triumph over objectivity on television than worried at the prospect of a World Series-winning manager moving over to coach the division-upstart Brewers.

And somehow this makes perfect sense.

Haray Carey had a crazy drunken passion that made me want to raise a glass, somehow making me feel like things were ok even in the darkest years. That happy/positive drunk that only comes from Hamms-in-the-can or a day game at Wrigley.

Steve Stone was great too. His negativity was spared on no one and he said what we were all thinking. He would rain down stinging rebukes from the booth and question every decision the way every Cub Fan does from the barstool, but deep down, we knew he really loved the Cubs - in a tough-love sort of way.

Brenly is fine. He announces a good analytical game without letting his emotions for the Cubs get the better of him and that's why The Cub Fan was so excited to hear he could be leaving - even if it was to the Brewers.

Santo would have been another in a long line of speak-your-mind, wear your love on your sleeve, cheer when we win Cub announcers that make 201 years not seem that long.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cubs should re-think their logo...

Hitters: Check!
At the top of the league in Runs, Hits, Total Bases, RBI and OPS. Top five in almost every other catagory. Even Soriano was 2-4 the other night.

Closer: Check!
Wood has been looking better and better. Downright electric in his last outing against the Reds on the anniversary of his 20 strikeout game.

Bullpen: Check.
Marmol is the class here. Hitters miss when they swing at his crazy movement and he doesn't miss the strikezone. They could shore up a few more spots but hopefully new call ups Fox and Gallahger can help.

Starters: Check.
Outside of Dempster and Zambrano there is a bit of woe in Cubville about the starters. Lilly hasn't done much this year and Marquis is on and off. Other problems persist but through it all the Cubs are in the top 5 and even 3 of most pitching catagories in the NL!

Defense: ...
With a solid infield corps and a fast and armed outfield with a gun-toting catcher the Cubs have the best ... wait - WHAT?!? We're 5th in errors some of which have cost us more than a few un-earned runs - !!5 the other day against Dempster !! No wonder our ERA is looking so good. This is bush-league.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Soriano: Joker or Jacker or BOTH?

I did some quick math in my head and decided that Soriano has to hit 4 HRs AND steal at least one base for every fly ball he drops.

IF he was still hitting homers - he got one the other night and IF he steals bases - he stole one today and IF he gets on base in the lead-off spot - no signs of this BTW - then he can open up a lemonade stand in left for all I care.

That's a lot of ifs but I do love lemonade...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tricky SI Curses Cubs in Japanese!

I wasn't going to say anything.

After seeing the latest SI cover highlighting Fukudome and the Cubs proclaiming that "It's Gonna Happen" I decided to keep my mouth shut. Ignore it. Don't even pick the damn thing up! Maybe the jinx wouldn't land on the Northside.

After all, the Cubbies had been on a hot streak since Alphonso Soriano hopped onto the DL and Reed Johnson took over centerfield/leadoff duties. The Cubs were near the top of the league in OBP, team BA and wins. Even Jason Marquis was starting to pitch well.

But now that the jinx seems in full effect - I thought I'd actually touch the magazine and to my horror discovered SI's little trick.

It wasn't Sweet Lou's insistence on batting Soriano in the leadoff spot - OR - Alphonso's shaky fielding. It wasn't even Kerry Wood's tenuous hold on the closer role. It actually had nothing to do with the Cubs at all. SI did this to the Cubs on purpose.

On the SI cover the Japanese text supposedly said "It's Gonna Happen" but after brushing off my "Japanese for Sailors" manual the translating error was exposed.

"Great, Now We're F#@ked"

Thank you SI and all you Cardinal fans who must be working in SIs binding factories. You certainly aren't writers.

You got us this time but we'll be back. As soon as Soriano's hamstring pops - look out!