Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Z, out for at least 2 starts

Apparently Z has a "Grade 2 tear in the belly of [his hamstring]" caused when he tried to move his other belly up the first base line to leg out a bunt against the the Marlins Sunday.

And I say, good for him! So he got hurt running. Apparently our marquee players can't run to first base (or third base, Milton) without pulling something, but at least they were trying.

Instead, let's take a long hard look at the Cubs' trainers and how they get the team ready for games and assess injuries. For pete's sake, the head trainer went out to talk to Z after Zambrano told 1st base coach Sinatro that he tweaked something. Good. But then the trainer let Z talk him into leaving him in there. Sweet Lou had to come out and order him into the dugout. Now Z is out for 2 weeks or more. Can you imagine if he would've ran after that? Goodbye June.

Let's get some trainers in there that can prevent silly injuries or at least recognize them.