Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cubs should re-think their logo...

Hitters: Check!
At the top of the league in Runs, Hits, Total Bases, RBI and OPS. Top five in almost every other catagory. Even Soriano was 2-4 the other night.

Closer: Check!
Wood has been looking better and better. Downright electric in his last outing against the Reds on the anniversary of his 20 strikeout game.

Bullpen: Check.
Marmol is the class here. Hitters miss when they swing at his crazy movement and he doesn't miss the strikezone. They could shore up a few more spots but hopefully new call ups Fox and Gallahger can help.

Starters: Check.
Outside of Dempster and Zambrano there is a bit of woe in Cubville about the starters. Lilly hasn't done much this year and Marquis is on and off. Other problems persist but through it all the Cubs are in the top 5 and even 3 of most pitching catagories in the NL!

Defense: ...
With a solid infield corps and a fast and armed outfield with a gun-toting catcher the Cubs have the best ... wait - WHAT?!? We're 5th in errors some of which have cost us more than a few un-earned runs - !!5 the other day against Dempster !! No wonder our ERA is looking so good. This is bush-league.


Harvey Bars said...

That 'e' is mesmerizing.

Dewey Hammond said...

Will you ever blog again?