Thursday, April 11, 2013


- Terrible rendition by old BlackHawk netminder Tony Esposito.
Cubs won't get the lead back.
- No rhythm and couldn't stay on tune
This hints to some weird late-inning shenanigans and not in a good way.
- Mic kept fading in and out and ended with "Let's get some runs, Cubbies!"
Changing the Caray Call won't give the Cubs the runs they need to come back.

Ouch. That was tough to listen to. 
The stretch AND the game. Esposito was all over the place and that  cost the comeback. 

I like getting the prediction right but hate seeing the Cubbies drop a game like this at home. They gave up the big lead and then wasted opportunities in the late innings. 

The botched Caray Call at the end of the Stretch did get the Cubs a run but it came at the expense of a double play, thus costing the Cubs their momentum and quelling any chance of getting the other run they needed to catch up. 

They also finished the game with two straight strikeouts from Rizzo and Castro stranding the hot-hitting DeJesus on base which just emphasized what happens when you botch the stretch. GET IT RIGHT!

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