Friday, April 12, 2013

Improv and Ivy

Big win today. 
A slow, steady and perfect rendition by up and coming comedy members means a solid group effort from multiple members of the team. No standout. No mistakes. A solid team effort win. 

Will Get another run in the last three innings due to the strong "LET'S GET SOME RUNS" call at the end.

Should be a strongly-pitched last two innings by the cubs due to the strong "ONE, TWO, THREE STRIKES YOUR OUT."


A strong effort today from both the ensemble cast from Second City singing the stretch and the Cubbies themselves against the durty Giants of San Francisco. 

The stretch translated into a win as I predicted and the correct "Let's get some runs!" call got the Cubbys a few runs and a good thing too as the Giants ruined my prediction trifecta by scoring three runs in the 9th and taking the lead until Starlin Castro came through with a knock off the wall to drive in the hot-hitting DeJesus. Navarro also had a clutch HR to tie it up.

Based on who they had stretching, I should have known that this win would require some improvisation on the part of the Cubs. And it just goes to show you how important nailing the Caray Call is. But apparently you can only emphasize one part of the song though or it backfires. I'll keep an eye on this trend. 

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